T-Mobile Eliminates International Mobile Data Roaming Charges

This is huge news for international travelers. T-Mobile just announced that customers who are already on one of their Simple Choice plans will now enjoy unlimited international data roaming free of additional charges. Anyone who’s traveled abroad and forgot to turn off mobile data knows how quickly this can turn into hundreds of dollars in roaming charges. That’s now a thing of the past, and very welcome news for subscribers. News via Techcrunch.

Smartling : Website Translation Made Easy

Making your company’s website accessible in other languages used to be a difficult and expensive process. This is because most web publishing systems were not designed with multilingual usage in mind. It’s becoming more and more important to support multiple languages as the Internet becomes a polyglot environment. Smartling, based in New York, has developed an innovative solution that is backward compatible with any web server.

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Sneak Peak : OpenTok (WebRTC demo)

OpenTok is an open source project which aims to make WebRTC, a new standard for Internet chat/voice/video calling, widely accessible. While this is a simple demo, the authors have made the source code behind the project freely available, so that software developers can embed this in lots of different systems and applications. The project was created by TokBox, which is now part of the Telefonica Digital group.

Tutorial : Selecting A Phone System or Service For Your Business

Selecting a phone system for your business is challenging for most companies, not because the technology is esoteric, but because most people aren’t familiar with who the leading vendors are, and what options are available to them. This tutorial walks you through the process of deciding what category of system is best for you.

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Skype : Internet Phone and Video Calling Made Easy (And Free)

Skype is the granddaddy of Internet phone/video software. While there were a few Internet phone services that preceded it, like Net2Phone and Delta Three, Skype grew far larger than any of them (and now boasts several hundred million users, a user population comparable to Facebook). Skype’s main claim to fame is it makes it easy to make free phone, video and IM calls over the Internet.

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